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Tartous (Arabic:طرطوس), an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, is the second largest port in Syria after Latakia and had a population of 115,769 in the 2004 census before the current civil war.

Tartous Halal Travel Guide

Travel as a Muslim to Tartous

As of 2023, rail services is limited to twice daily train services from Latakia, all long distance trains are cancelled indefinitely. The national operator CFS provides timetables at their webpage. Tartous railway station GPS 34.890956,35.890233 is centrally located.

How to get around in Tartous

What to see in Tartous

Tartus port

  • Arwad - أرواد - 34.855872, 35.858490 - The only inhabited island in Syria which has been settled since at least the 2nd millennium BC.

What to do in Tartous

Go by boat to Arwad Island. Trip SYP25 per person one way.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Tartous

Halal Restaurants in Tartous

Tabole Fatoush Hot Fish + Syadiah


Muslim Friendly Hotels in Tartous

  • Holiday Beach Resort - 35.011087, 35.901088 Phone +963 43 631 970A major resort located a few kilometers north the city that remains open despite the ongoing civil war.
  • Menchie (Raffoul) | Place Menchie PHONE +963 43 220616 - SYP500 per double room (Dec 2011) with own bathroom.

Checkout: 11a.m. Low Budget hotel. Hotel is close to bus station. Next to Tartus museum. Owner is a nice man, he has also shop in the same building. Rooms are clean.

  • The Republic Hotel - - SYP600 per double room with bathroom (Dec 2011) Budget hotel. Rooms are dirty and stink. Staff (owner) doesn't speak English.
  • Daniel Hotel - - SYP1500 per double room (Dec 2011) Nice hotel, with clean rooms and bathrooms.


Consulates in Tartous

  • Greece - Al Wahdeh Street, P.O. Box 4011 PHONE +963 43 221 104 +963 43 329 900

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