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Taraz (or Taras) is in the Kazakh Desert.

Taraz Halal Travel Guide

Nowadays a near-border city between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Taraz was once right in the heart of the Silk Road. Taraz first entered the history books over 2000 years ago when Han and Xiongnu forces warred here. The Soviets changed the name of the city to Zhambyl in the 1930s but soon after Kazakhstan's independence, the name was changed back to Taraz.

Travel as a Muslim to Taraz

The high speed Talgo train goes from the capital Astana to Taraz and takes around 12 hours. There are several direct flights from Astana and Almaty to Taraz too.

There's a low speed train from Almaty onto Shymkent. The Almaty-Saratov. Many other trains on the same line from the station south of the city. Bus 47 from the center. You can book tickets on tutu in advance. Traveling third class be ready for a crowded but friendly train.

The collective taxi station is north of the city with taxi to Bishkek and Shymkent.

How to get around in Taraz

Local bus drivers were quite helpful and friendly. 130 tenges per ticket.

What to see in Taraz

  • Zhengis Park
  • Aisha Bibi Mausoleum - It was built in the 11th or 12th century as a homage to the noble woman Aisha Bibi. The Kazakh government restored the mausoleum to its former glory in 2002.
  • Dautbek Shamansur Mausoleum - A mausoleum created by Genghis Khan to honor the Mongol governor ruling over the area, who was killed in an uprising.
  • Prezidentskiy Park - Presedential Park | The park is clean and maintained well with beautiful gardens as well as wide open spaces. A good place for an evening walk.
  • Main square for monumental and flashy Kazakh urban architecture.

What to do in Taraz

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Taraz

  • Sunday Animal Market - Hundreds of sheep, goats and cattle are bought are sold. This experience is worth it and you will come across the welcoming and hospitable nature of Kazakh culture firsthand.

Halal Restaurants in Taraz

  • GolPas - Diverse dishes on offer. Pasta, pizza, seafood and steaks. Cozy atmosphere though a little expensive.
  • Malikakhon - Fresh and juicy shish Halal kebabs and salad. The waiters do not speak English and at times the music in the background can get quite loud.
  • Stambul - Turkish Halal restaurant. Good Turkish Halal Food and looked like the only option in the area late evening. They don't take dollars but ok with Visa card.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Taraz

  • Hotel Zhambyl - Most staff speak at least a little bit of English. Free Wi-fi.
  • Hotel Ark MS - Free shuttle service, onsite dining, has a garden, spacious terrace and minibar. There are 24 rooms altogether. The restaurant on the third floor serves European and Kazakh dishes.
  • Voyazh - Clean and comfortable rooms in a smallish hotel.


Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Taraz

  • Venture southwest to Shymkent.
  • Cross the border with Kyrgyzstan and see the impressive dam at Toktogul.

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