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Suriname (pronounced "surinam") is a small republic on the northeast coast of South America. It prides itself on its thoroughly multi-ethnic culture, a colourful blend of indigenous Indian traditions and those of its former Dutch colonisers and the African, Javanese and Hindustan workers they once brought with them. It's a country with a fabulous and largely untouched Amazon inland, slowly discovering its chances as an ecotourism destination. International visitors are steadily following Dutch travellers who have long been drawn to this friendly, tropical country to explore its spectacular nature, captivating cultural heritage and meet its ever smiling people.

Formerly called Dutch Guiana, Suriname is tucked in between French Guiana in the east and Guyana (formerly British Guiana) in the west. In the south the country is bordered by Brazil and in the north by the Atlantic Ocean. At just under 165,000 km², Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. It has 530,000 inhabitants, half of whom live in the exuberant capital, Paramaribo.

An Introduction to the regions of Suriname

Map Showing Regions
Home to almost half of the country's population, the capital city Paramaribo and its direct surroundings is as bustling as it gets here. Listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, it has a delightful historic centre while its many cafés and restaurants cater to every traveller's needs. It's also an excellent starting point for trips to every other part of the country.
  West Coast
The west coast is celebrated for its bird life, and the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve can be an absolute highlight in any Suriname travels. There are a few towns and some choices as far as accommodation goes, but this is a place away from the crowds and often overlooked by visitors.
  East Coast
The eastern region offers some of the best examples of former colonial plantations, some still in use, others deserted and largely ruined. Along the coast you'll find some of the most prominent nesting beaches for sea turtles in all of the West-Atlantic.
  Surinamese Rainforest
The inland areas of Suriname are part of the vast Amazon region and almost entirely covered with tropical rainforest. In the southwest is the Sipaliwini savanna area. In the centre and south are mountain ranges, but the highest peak, the Julianatop, is only 1280m high. Most Amerindians and Maroons live in this region, many of them in a primitive way. The Brokopondo Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in the world.

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