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Schiphol Airport

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Schiphol Airport (IATA Code: AMS) is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is km 15 southwest of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It serves the city of Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. It is one of the major hubs in Europe with flights between many destinations in Asia, Europe and North America. It is home to KLM, the Dutch flag carrier airline. As of 2023, Schiphol airport is the third busiest in Europe behind London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle and ahead of Frankfurt Airport as measured by passenger numbers.

Schiphol Airport Halal Travel Guide


Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, is one of the busiest airports in Europe, catering to millions of passengers each year. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and catering to the diverse needs of its visitors, Schiphol Airport has taken significant strides in providing Muslim-friendly amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for all passengers.

In this Travel Guide, we will explore the various Muslim-friendly facilities available at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, that cater to the needs of Muslim travelers.

Prayer Spaces Schiphol Airport offers a multi-faith meditation center, known as the Meditation Centre, located in Lounge 2, after security. This center provides a quiet space for travelers of all faiths, including Muslims, to pray, meditate, or simply find solace amidst their travels. It is open 24/7, and prayer mats and washing facilities for ablutions (Wudu) are also provided.

Halal Food Options Schiphol Airport offers a variety of dining options to cater to the diverse dietary needs of its visitors. Many restaurants and cafes in the airport serve halal food, and a few even specialize in it. Some popular choices include:

LEON: Offering a halal-friendly menu, LEON is a popular choice for travelers seeking healthy fast food. Located in Lounge 1, LEON is well-known for its natural, wholesome ingredients and delicious meals.

Kebaya: Kebaya is an Asian brasserie located in Lounge 2 that offers halal food options. Serving a variety of Southeast Asian dishes, Kebaya is a perfect spot for Muslim travelers looking for a diverse and delicious meal. In addition, many other restaurants and cafes can accommodate Muslim travelers' dietary needs. Just ask the staff for halal options or look for halal certification logos on the menus.

Accessibility to Mosques and Islamic Centers While Schiphol Airport does not have a dedicated mosque within its premises, Muslim travelers can find nearby mosques and Islamic centers in Amsterdam. The closest mosque to the airport is the Al Farouq Omar Mosque, located approximately 8 kilometers away from Schiphol Airport. Taxi services are readily available to transport visitors to and from the mosque.

Ramadan Services During the holy month of Ramadan, Schiphol Airport takes extra measures to accommodate fasting Muslim travelers. The airport provides information about prayer times, and some restaurants and cafes offer special pre-dawn (Suhoor) and fast-breaking (Iftar) meals to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers observing Ramadan.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, is dedicated to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for travelers from all walks of life. With its Muslim-friendly amenities, such as prayer spaces, halal food options, accessibility to mosques, and Ramadan services, Muslim travelers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience while visiting or transiting through the airport.


Entrance Schiphol has a one-terminal concept. Which means, that all the departure halls are in one building. However, this can mean long walks from one connection flight to the other. The airport is divided in many different zones. The ground floor before security has the entrance of the airport, the railway station (with the platforms underground), the four Arrivals halls, and Schiphol Plaza, the central shopping zone. On the 1st floor you can find the check-in desks and Departure Halls 1, 2 and 3. From this floor you can go to security and passport control if catching a non-Schengen flight and enter the transit area.

The terminal is divided into three lounges designated 1, 2 and 3. Piers (also known as concourses) connect to these lounges. It is possible to walk from one concourse to another, even to those connected to different lounges. However, keep in mind that if you're going from lounge 1 to lounge 2 and 3 you must clear immigration as you are leaving the Schengen area.

The exception to this is Lounge 4: it is only connected to Concourse Monday for low-cost carriers. Once past security, passengers in Concourse Monday cannot access any other lounges or concourses. Lounge 4 has very few facilities. If catching a connecting flight from one of the Monday gates, you must exit the secure zone though baggage claim and enter lounge 4 like any departing passenger.

Few airlines and destinations have a dedicated concourse. KLM and Transavia use all gates except for Concourses H and M.

  • Lounge 1 consists of concourses B and C, dedicated to Schengen areas. Gates D59 through D87, the Schengen flights departing from gates D are reached by escalator from Lounge 1.
  • Lounge 2 consists of concourses E and gates D3 through D57,
  • Lounge 3 consists of concourses F, G and H. They serve non-Schengen areas. Concourse H is used by low-cost carriers.
  • Lounge 4 consists of concourse M, a dedicated Schengen area for low-cost carriers.

Muslim Friendly Flights from Schiphol Airport

Schiphol_Airport_airplanes_3 KLM offers worldwide connections. Asia, Europe and North America are particularly well served. Delta Air Lines connects Schiphol with nine US destinations. British Airways offer up to 15 flights per day to three airports in London. Transavia, Easyjet and other low-cost carriers provide a fairly economical way to city-hop to Amsterdam from other cities in Europe.

Ground transportation

For most travellers, the most convenient way to reach Amsterdam or other major tourist destinations in the Netherlands from the airport is by train, with most destinations reachable either directly or with one transfer.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Schiphol Airport

Train ticket machines at Schiphol Airport railway station Most major tourist destinations in the Netherlands can be reached from Schiphol either directly or with a single transfer. Use the ticket machines or ticket desks. All machines accept credit or debit cards but do require chip-and-PIN cards.

Alternatively, you can buy an Amsterdam Travel Ticket, which includes a train return ticket to and from Schiphol to any of Amsterdam's stations, plus unlimited travel on all GVB trams, metro and (night)buses for 1, 2 or 3 days.

The train station at Schiphol is located underground, under the main airport hall; trains to Amsterdam Centraal usually run from platform 1 or 2. Note: this is not specific, one is never sure which platform it arrives. Information signs are updated when the train enters the tunnel. It is the same platform, though it matters on which side the train stops. This is why you'll see a lot of locals and tourists waiting just at the end of the escalators or stairs. They eventually go to the right track when it is updated.

For most destinations there are 1 or 2 trains per hour, for more regional destinations trains are more frequent. There are 4 to 5 trains per hour between Schiphol and Amsterdam in peak times. Regional trains run all night, although between 01:00 and 05:00 only once an hour. The price and duration of the journey are the same as during the day. However, trains for further destinations will generally not run at night. Check before you travel.

International trains to Belgium or France stop at Schiphol.

  • Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal - €4.20 if using an OV-chipkaart; €5.20 single ticket - There are plenty of direct trains from the Schiphol to the Amsterdam Centraal. A journey takes 16-18 minutes.
  • Schiphol to Amsterdam Lelylaan - €3.00 if using an OV-chipkaart; €4.00 single ticket - If your accommodation is located near Vondelpark or Museumplein it's fastest to catch a train to Amsterdam Lelylaan station and connect to a tram from there. Trains leave every 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Schiphol to Rotterdam Centraal - €14.80 if using an OV-chipkaart; €15.80 single ticket - If traveling to Rotterdam the quickest way to travel is by taking the IC direct that takes you directly to Rotterdam by high-speed rail in 24 minutes.
  • Schiphol to Paris Gare du Nord - Direct high speed Thalys trains run from Schiphol to Antwerp, Brussels-Midi and Paris. Tickets cannot be booked by using the machines at the station and need to be booked in advance or at the ticket office. There is no set price so it's cheapest the earlier you book.

Travel on a Bus in Schiphol Airport

  • Amsterdam Airport Express - Bus #397 €6.50 (from driver); e-ticket €6.50 (single) €11.25 (return) €1.00 (child under 11) or consider Amsterdam Travel Ticket. Tickets are sold by a marked minivan parked at the bus stop outside the terminal during daytime. Connexxion operates a service between the airport and Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, and Leidseplein. The bus is only worth taking if these stops are closer to your accommodation. Buses depart from platform B9 daily from 05:01-00:21 every approx. 15 minutes. In the night bus #97 runs the same route roughly every hour.

Best way to travel in Schiphol Airport by a Taxi

Do not use a taxi unless there is no alternative; travel to Schiphol by train or by bus, if possible. Taxis from Schiphol are unexpectedly expensive. You pay around €7.50 (as of Oct 08) as a minimum charge and that includes the first 2 km. Then the meter starts racing. The ride costs about €40-50 to go to, say, the Leidseplein. Depending on the time of day and traffic levels, it could take only 25 min. If you're unlucky, it could take twice as long. Choose the nicest cab as that driver is more likely to be reputable. You don't have to pick the first taxi in line. If possible, reserve a cab up-front, this will ensure a fixed price for the ride. If taking a taxi to Schiphol from the city there's a flat fee of €35. You can also catch an Uber from the city center to Schiphol, there is no fixed price.

There is a way to get 50% discount on your ride to Amsterdam or 20% discount to other destinations. Here's how it works: Look for an upcoming TCA taxi (spot the roof light!) at the departure halls (on the first floor). Say 'hello' to the driver while the passengers step off. This works out for you and the driver as he's not allowed to wait for customers at the airport and this way he doesn't have to drive back empty.

By shuttle service

  • Connexxion Hotel Shuttle serves over 100 city centre hotels, with 8-seater shared van departures about every 30 minutes between 06:00 and 21:00, cost to most city centre destinations €15.50/25.00 one-way/return—more convenient than the train if you have heavy luggage and still cheaper than a taxi. Buses depart from platform A7 and can be reserved for the trip back ☎ +31 38 3394741.
  • UberBlack rides to/from the airport cost a fixed rate of €60.
  • Amsterdam Airport Taxi Services has fixed rate Schiphol Airport transfers to or from the city centre at €49 for a Mercedes E class including a meet and greet special, €65 for a minivan.

By rental car

If you plan to rent a car for the duration of your stay, Schiphol has several car rental companies on site. Typical opening hours are 06:00-23:00 daily. The car rental desk can be found in Schiphol Plaza, on the same level as the Arrivals. The A4 motorway leads straight from Schiphol to the Amsterdam ring road A10, in about 10 min.

By bike

If you decided to bring your bicycle on the plane with you, there is a 15-km sign-posted bike route from the airport to Amsterdam. Turn right as you leave the airport terminal: the cycle path starts about 200 m down the road.

How to get around in Schiphol Airport

The airport is one large terminal, so you never need to leave the building or take a shuttle train. However you can only get around on foot (and travelator, such as the hallway to Concourse B). Expect to walk long distances. This is especially true if you arrive on a Schengen flight and connect to a non-Schengen flight or the other way around, likely in another concourse (pier).

If you are departing, you will go through security first and then passport check if exiting the Schengen area. EU, EEA, Swiss can use fully automated e-gates on departure and arrival. When departing through Schiphol, American, Australian, Canadian, Hong Konger, Japanese, New Zealander and South Korean citizens can use automated immigration facilities in a separate queue. A border agent will still manually stamp your passport after using the machine. Other nationalities will go through another line where manual passport inspection by a border agent takes place.

During busy times (such as the rush around 06:00-09:00), the separate security and passport sessions can take 20-30 or more minutes. Choose flights with adequate connection times.

Schiphol had a major redesign of its concourses to simplify security procedures, which are no longer conducted at the gates. Because the Netherlands is a part of the Schengen area, connecting to a Schengen destination one has to clear immigration at Schiphol even if the Netherlands isn't your final destination in Schengen:

  • If you are staying within the Schengen area, you will not clear immigration, if departing from Schiphol you will pass security. If connecting through Schiphol, you will not go through security.
    • For example if you are flying in from Spain and connecting to Sweden you will not pass security or immigration.
  • If you arrive from a non-Schengen country that has as strict or more strict security procedures than Schiphol (usually the US, UK or Canada), then you will not pass through security again at Schiphol. However you will need to use the Passport Control to cross into the Schengen Zone for most European connections.
    • For example: if you fly in from the United States and are taking a connecting flight to Italy. You will not pass security but will pass through immigration as you are entering the Schengen area in Amsterdam.
    • For example: if you fly in from the United States and are taking a connecting flight to Russia You will not go through security and immigration as you're not entering the Schengen zone.
  • If you arrive from Africa, Asia, or most other nations outside the EU (except the US and Canada), then you will be guided through security processing. There are separate security sections based on whether you will be staying in Schengen or remaining outside of it. If you are entering the Schengen area you'll also pass immigration.
    • For example: if you fly in from South Africa and are heading to Canada, you will go through security but not through immigration as you are traveling between non-Schengen countries.
    • For example: if you fly in from South Africa and are heading to Germany, you will go through both security and immigration as you're entering the Schengen area in Amsterdam


Before security


  • Panorama Terrace - Panoramaterras | 3F go upstairs from Schiphol Plaza between Arrivals 1 and 2 or at Arrivals 3 Opening Hours: November - Mar 09:00-17:00, April - Oct 07:00-20:00 Free The panorama terrace at the top floor oversees planes arriving and leaving gates C, D, E and F. Bring your camera or use the telescopes. A Fokker 100 airplane is displayed on the terrace; it has a tiny museum inside about the history of Fokker, the largest Dutch airplane manufacturer. Especially fun for children. There are restaurants on and around the terrace (smoking allowed).
  • Sheraton Fitness & Spa - Sheraton Hotel, Schiphol Boulevard 101 between Schiphol Plaza and the World Trade Center Phone +31 20 316-4300 | Opening Hours: 24 hours daily (sauna, steam room 06:00-23:00) €20/day You can get a day pass for an unlimited use of the fitness room, private secluded sauna, rainforest showers, steam room and wellness area.

After security

  • Airport Library | Holland Boulevard, Schiphol World Avenue between gates E and F - Free The world's first airport library. Reading books and listening to music is mostly done digitally, using tablet computers. You can download the books to your own digital device for reading on your journey. An interesting way to learn more about Dutch culture and literature.
  • Airport Park - Lounge 1, Schiphol World Avenue between Het Palais and the Passport Control to Lounge 2 Opening Hours: 24 hours Free - Who would expect a city park right inside an airport terminal? Obviously, it's not an ordinary city park, as the butterflies are projected onto the walls, and the sounds of nature come from the park's speakers. Still, it's the one of the most tranquil environments you'll find in an airport serving millions of travelers each year.
  • Rijksmuseum | Holland Boulevard, Schiphol World Avenue between gates E and F Opening Hours: 07:00-20:00 daily Free Schiphol has an annex of the acclaimed Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in its terminal. The permanent exhibition displays ten works by well-known painters from the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). The temporary exhibition changes a few times a year. Souvenirs are available at the museum shop.

Halal Food & Restaurants in Schiphol Airport

At the time of my last update, some halal-friendly restaurants at Schiphol Airport included:

LEON: A chain that offers natural, fast food with several halal-friendly options. They often use halal-certified chicken and clearly label their halal dishes. Located in Lounge 1, after security.

McDonald's: While not specifically a halal restaurant, McDonald's at Schiphol Airport offers a few halal-friendly options, such as the McFish or Veggie Burger. Located in Plaza, before security, and in Lounge 2, after security.

Oriental City: A Chinese restaurant that offers halal-friendly options, including a variety of noodle and rice dishes. Located in Lounge 3, after security.

Happy Seafood: A seafood restaurant that offers a range of halal-friendly dishes, including fish, shrimp, and calamari. Located in Lounge 3, after security.

Veggie & Vegan: A vegetarian and vegan restaurant that provides halal-friendly options by default, as they do not use any meat or animal-derived products. Located in Lounge 1, after security.

It is always recommended to ask the staff at each restaurant for their current halal options, as their menus and suppliers may change over time.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Schiphol Airport

Aviflora,_Schiphol_(2022)_01 The most important thing you need to remember in these European airports is the duty laws for the nation it applies to. There are many shopping options in the airport, though.

  • Albert Heijn 52.310073, 4.762895 - Average sized supermarket located before security in the Plaza area between the train station and departures. Good choice for budget travelers wanting to pick up some food before their flight. Note that because of its location before security you cannot bring purchased drinks on your flight.


Muslim Friendly Hotels in Schiphol Airport


  • citizenM Amsterdam Airport | Jan Plezierweg 2 52.309394, 4.755806 Phone +31 20 811-7080 - €69-120 Check-in: 14:00 / Check-out: 11:00A modern budget hotel with trendy design rooms. Every room has Wi-Fi access, films-on-demand and an LCD television.
  • Mercure - Lounge 3, Schiphol World Avenue Phone +31 20 820-1850 - €85-95 The only full-fledged hotel after passport control. It can only be booked if you are on transit.
  • Sheraton - Schiphol Boulevard 101 Phone +31 20 316-4300 - €269-616
  • Yotel - Lounge 2, Schiphol World Avenue near gate D Phone +31 20 890-3983 - €46-68 for 4 hours, €10 for any additional hour Automatically operated hotel cabins that can be booked by the hour (with a minimum stay of 4 hours). Good for a short nap if you're in onward transit. Food and drinks can be ordered with the computerized interface. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.
  • Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - 701 Schiphol Boulevard 52.3070, 4.7553 €180-€650 - Modern 4-star 433 room hotel. Largest hotel near the airport. Reachable by covered walkway from arrivals.

How to Cope at Schiphol Airport

  • Left luggage - Coin-operated storage lockers are located along the main hallway through the transit/departure area, across from the start of the E wing. From €6 per 24 hr, maximum one week.
  • I amsterdam Visitor Centre - Tourist information - Schiphol Plaza at Arrivals 2 Phone +31 20 702 6000 | Opening Hours: 07:00-22:00

Stay safe as a Muslim in Schiphol Airport

Watch out for pickpockets and baggage thieves on trains: a common trick is a knock on your window to distract you, so that an accomplice can steal your luggage or laptop. Another one is to have an accomplice jam the doors and then steal your luggage. The thief jumps out and the door immediately closes, making it impossible to catch them.

However, railway police have made a great effort to reduce this sort of crime; nowadays it is at 'normal', big-city like levels. It however is recommended not to leave your baggage unattended. This is also announced in the station regularly.


Schiphol was built on reclaimed land, and so are the suburban cities around it. Hoofddorp is the closest town, but it only has a few hotels that could be of use. The most popular attractions for Muslims are in Amsterdam, a 20-minute train ride.

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