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Roermond_banner Roermond is a city in the Dutch province of Limburg. Located in the heart of the Netherlands' province of Limburg, the city of Roermond is home to a diverse and vibrant Islamic community.

In recent years, the number of Muslims in Roermond has increased significantly, as has the number of halal restaurants, mosque, Islamic centers providing spiritual, educational, and social services.

Islam in Roermond

Fatih Moskee Roermond

The Fatih Moskee, also known as Fatih Mosque, was established in 1985 to serve the needs of Roermond's growing Muslim community. Since then, it has become an important place of worship, education, and cultural exchange for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Address: Koninginnelaan 44, 6043 AJ Roermond, Netherlands - Phone: +31 475 334 393

The mosque offers a variety of services and activities, including daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers, Islamic classes, and Quranic studies for both children and adults. It also organizes community events such as Eid celebrations, iftar dinners during Ramadan, and interfaith dialogues to promote understanding and cooperation between Muslims and people of other faiths.

Tawhied Islamic Centre of Roermond

Tawhied Islamic Centre, founded in 2011, is another significant institution serving the Muslim community in Roermond. The centre aims to provide a space where Muslims can gather, learn, and grow in their faith while also promoting a positive and accurate representation of Islam in the wider society.

Address: Swalmerstraat 62, 6041 CZ Roermond, Netherlands Phone: +31 6 38826735

Tawhied Islamic Centre offers various services, including daily prayers, Islamic education for children and adults, and a range of community programs. The center hosts regular lectures and workshops on topics related to Islam and its teachings, emphasizing the importance of personal development, social responsibility, and community engagement. They also organize outreach programs to help those in need, such as food drives and support for refugees.

Roermond Halal Travel Guide

Roermond receives a large number of visitors every year, and is a rather well known destination for Dutch, German and to a lesser degree Belgian tourists. Apart from the water sports facilities and historic centre, this is also due to successful efforts to turn Roermond into a prime shopping centre for the larger region. The large Designer Outlet Centre, opened by McArthurGlen in 2001, alone draws in some 3.75 million visitors per year. The city centre has also been praised for its ample shopping facilities, and as shops are open on Sunday, Roermond draws in plenty of daytrip visitors from all directions, including many Germans.

  • Tourist Information Office (VVV) - Markt 17 Phone +31 475-335847 Located on the market square, the VVV office provides information, can assist in booking of hotels or activities and sells or distributes a collections of maps and informative publications. This is also the place to book boat trips or guided tours.

Travel as a Muslim to Roermond

By car

Roermond is well connected by road, and several major access roads have been upgraded or newly made in the past years. The A73 highway, opened in 2008, passes the town via tunnels, providing fast connections to the south (directions of Maastricht, joining the A2 after some 10 km)) and north (direction of Nijmegen). There's a connection to German (direction of Düsseldorf) in the west via the A52. For the direction of Weert, Eindhoven and other north or north-west destinations, the provincial N280 road connects the centre of Roermond the A2. The N271, also a provincial road, is the best connection to Venlo.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Roermond

  • Roermond railway station - Roermond railway station Roermond Station1 - The train station is close to the city centre and is served by quarterly fast intercity trains operated by NS as well as commutertrains to smaller destinations in the region, operated by Arriva. The fast intercity to the south (Sittard, Maastricht and Heerlen) leaves 4x per hour, usually from platform 1 (but always check.) In the other direction the same connection runs to Weert, Eindhoven, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. Usually it leaves from platform 2. The typical travel time to Amsterdam takes 2 hours, Maastricht and Eindhoven are served in 30 minutes.

A slow train to Venlo (22 minutes) also runs twice per hour, stopping in Swalmen, Reuver and Tegelen. Also southbound there are 2 local trains per hour.

Travel on a Bus in Roermond

The bus station is at the train station, and serves as a starting and ending point for many lines circling the city and connecting it to nearby villages. Special bus connections are available to transfer shopping visitors from the town centre to the Outlet Centre, Retail Park and House and Garden Boulevard. Bus lines are operated by Veolia.

If you're flying in, Schiphol airport, Eindhoven airport and Maastricht Aachen airport are all nearby. Alternatively, consider airports across the German border. Especially Düsseldorf (IATA Code: DUS) is nearby and has many international flights.

How to get around in Roermond

Much of the old town is car free. Here, it's easy to navigate on foot. There are a few parking garages, but alternatively, plenty of parking is available at the Designer Outlet Cente. From here, special buses run to and from the city centre, as well to other shopping centres in and around Roermond.

What to see in Roermond


The city's rich history and religious prominence is well visible through the many monumental buildings in the city centre. There's a wide selection of churches, chapels and abbeys, but also the historic city hall and a large number of monumental houses. Just strolling through the old town will allow you to see some of the best examples, but if you're really interested, a guided tour (to be booked ahead via the tourist office) is a good way to see the best of Roermond history. Some of the major sights include:

  • St Christoffelkathedraal On the central market square. - Dedicated to St. Cristopher, this Gothic cathedral was first built in the early 15th century and became a cathedral in 1661. It is a major feature in the city skyscape and a national monument. Significant changes were made when the structure was rebuilt after substantial damages in WWII.
  • Musterkerk Munsterplein - This Late Romanesque Our Lady church originates in the beginning of the 13th century and is one of the most prominent examples of this kind of church architecture in the country. It was originally built as part of an abbey for Cistercian nuns, but is now the only remainder of that structure. In the mid-19th century, extensive restorations were carried out by famous local architect Pierre Cuypers. He demolished the baroque clock tower and replaced the 8-sided towers by square ones. His changes were controversial, but although the neo-gothic interior he placed was removed later, the outside changes remained. When the church sustained great damage after a 1992 earthquake, it was restored according to the Cuypers (exterior) design. The decorated kiosk outside the church was built in 1888, belongs to the church and is listed as a monument too. So is the 1752 stone water pump you'll notice on the square, but this originally stood in the Steegstraat and is unrelated to the Munster church.
  • Stadhuis Markt 31 - The city hall is one of the most prominent buildings on the market square. It got its current facade around 1700 and was restored and changed by famous architect Carl Weber in 1876. The little tower has a carillon and every day at noon a group of images turns around it.

Best things to do in Roermond

  • Water sports - The Maasplassen were formed through the extraction of gravel, and it is now the largest recreational water sports area in the country. All kinds of activities take place here, including sailing, windsurfing diving, water skiing and swimming. There are several beaches, popular in summer, with restaurants and other facilities. Dagstrand De Weerd is the closest one to Roermond, at the outskirts of the city. At a few designated places it's allowed to fish without a fishing permit.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Roermond

  • Designer Outlet Centre - Stadsweide 2 - Opening Hours: Open every day (including Sundays) 10am - 8pm. Closed only on Christmas Day and Newyears Day. Roermond has turned shopping into a tourist activity. Follow the crowds and shop till you drop at the extensive Outlet Centre. With some 120 shops selling brand products at discount prices, this shopping centre is highly popular among Dutch and German visitors. In fact, in terms of visitors, it stands as the second most popular attraction in the Netherlands. It's about a 15 minute walk from Roermond train station. There are shuttle buses to the city centre, but also to major German cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Halal Restaurants in Roermond

In this article, we will introduce you to four exceptional halal restaurants in Roermond, each with its unique flavors and dining experiences.

Istanbul Eethuis: - Istanbul Eethuis is a popular halal eatery, serving a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. From mouth-watering kebabs to delectable mezze platters, Istanbul Eethuis offers a diverse menu that will suit every palate. Their friendly staff and cozy ambiance make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a delicious halal meal in Roermond.

Contact Details: Nassaustraat 67, 6043 EB Roermond, Netherlands - Phone: +31 475 310 278

Yes-looo Döner Kebab: - Yes-looo Döner Kebab is a fast-food joint specializing in halal döner kebabs. Their menu offers various options, including juicy döner sandwiches, wraps, and plates, along with side dishes like salads and fries. The quick service and reasonable prices make Yes-looo Döner Kebab an ideal option for those looking for a delicious, budget-friendly halal meal in Roermond.

Contact Details: Varkensmarkt 9, 6041 ET Roermond, Netherlands - +31 475 267 000

Otantik Kumpir Roermond: - Otantik Kumpir Roermond brings a taste of traditional Turkish cuisine to Roermond with its scrumptious kumpir, a delicious stuffed baked potato. With a variety of toppings to choose from, including halal meat, vegetables, and sauces, each kumpir is customizable to your preferences. Besides kumpir, Otantik Kumpir Roermond also offers a selection of other Turkish dishes, including gözleme and baklava.

Contact Details: Hamstraat 24, 6041 HB Roermond, Netherlands - Phone: +31 475 319 087

ArabYana: - ArabYana is a delightful halal restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. Offering a wide range of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, ArabYana's menu caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. Some of their must-try dishes include shawarma, hummus, falafel, and kunafeh. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ArabYana is a fantastic choice for a leisurely meal with family and friends.

Contact Details: Stationsplein 2, 6041 GN Roermond, Netherlands - Phone: +31 475 475 772

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Roermond

With the growing Muslim population and an increasing number of Muslim tourists, the demand for Muslim-friendly hotels in Roermond is on the rise. In this article, we will explore some of the best hotels in Roermond that cater to the needs of Muslim travelers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Dux - Nestled in the heart of Roermond, Hotel Dux is a 4-star boutique hotel that welcomes Muslim guests with open arms. The hotel offers 27 beautifully furnished rooms and suites, equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, and luxurious bathrooms. For Muslim travelers, Hotel Dux provides a list of nearby Halal-certified restaurants and can arrange for prayer mats and Qibla direction markers in the rooms upon request. The hotel is also within walking distance of many of the city's top attractions, including St. Christopher's Cathedral and the Munsterkerk.

Het Arresthuis - The Het Arresthuis is a unique 4-star hotel located in a former prison building, which has been transformed into a luxurious and comfortable accommodation option. The hotel boasts 40 stylishly designed rooms and suites, including the exclusive "Director's Room" and the spacious "Jailbreak Suite". The hotel management is aware of the needs of Muslim travelers and provides prayer mats and Qibla direction markers upon request. The hotel is also situated close to Tawhied Islamic Centre and Fatih Mosque.

Grand Hotel Valies - Grand Hotel Valies is a luxurious 4-star hotel located on the banks of the River Roer. With its elegant art deco-inspired interiors, the hotel offers 60 spacious rooms and suites, all featuring modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and coffee and tea making facilities. Muslim guests will appreciate the hotel's efforts to provide Halal food options, prayer mats, and Qibla direction markers in the rooms upon request. The hotel's location is ideal for exploring Roermond's top attractions, including the Designer Outlet Roermond and the Cuypershuis Museum.

Hotel Roermond - Conveniently located near the city center and the Roermond train station, Hotel Roermond is an excellent choice for Muslim travelers seeking a comfortable stay. The hotel offers 58 well-appointed rooms with modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and coffee and tea making facilities. The hotel management is mindful of the needs of Muslim guests and can provide prayer mats and Qibla direction markers upon request and Halal dietary requirements with advance notice.

Telecommunications in Roermond

The international telephone country code for the Netherlands is 31, the area code for Roermonf is 0475. If dialing from abroad, use +31 but then leave out the 0 in the area code.

Free WiFi hotspot can be found in the railway station which is close to the city centre.

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Roermond

Düsseldorf in the German Ruhr area is close as well as the hills of South Limburg.

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