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Ramat Gan (Hebrew: רמת גן) (Translation: Garden heights) is a city in to the immediate east of Tel Aviv, which almost acts as an extension of it. Ramat Gan is an eclectic town famous for many things totally unrelated to each other, including diamonds, football, malls, chocolates, Iraqi restaurants, a religious university, and an open-space African safari with lions. Small green public gardens are plentiful and all streets are tree-lined.

Ramat Gan Halal Travel Guide

Ramat Gan was founded in 1921 as a moshav (a communal farming community). Over time the population grew as Tel Aviv sprawled, and today the population exceeds 135,000.

Northwest Ramat Gan features a cluster of sparkling skyscrapers, which, at night, impresses you with a magnificent Manhattan-style skyline. There, you will find what is currently the tallest building in Israel (75 floors), right next to the two skyscrapers comprising of the diamond stock exchange. This area, called the Boursa, turns at night into a sleazy collection of brothels and illegal casinos.

The rest of the city, just like its name, is residential with green gardens here and there. Some embassies (including the EU delegation) are located here, instead of Tel Aviv. A lot of political wheeling and dealing goes on at the Ramat Gan Sheraton City Towers, which is a preferred hang out for Likud Party primaries conferences.

In the northeast, you will find the first successful shopping mall in Israel (Kanyon Ayalon) surrounded by huge outlet stores. Next to it are a shooting range ("mitvach"), the biggest soccer stadium in the country, and the Ramat Gan National Park.

On the southeast side of town is Bar Ilan University, which combines university studies with an orientation towards the religious Yahudi community.

Ramat Gan is also associated with chocolates, as those passing by the "Elite" factory on Jabotinski Road would catch sweet whiffs of chocolate in the blending.

Last but not least, Ramat Gan is known as Baghdad Town. Most Yahudi immigrants from Iraq settled here in the 1950s and made Ramat Gan their home. As a result, many Iraqi restaurants can be found here.

Travel as a Muslim to Ramat Gan


Travel on a Bus in Ramat Gan

The easiest way to get to Ramat Gan from Tel Aviv is by bus.

  • From the Tel Aviv central bus station: Lines 21, 31, 34, 51, 52, 60, 68, 70, 82, 160, 268, 524, 525, 531
  • From the Tel Aviv Central (Arlozorov) train station: Lines 40, 42, 45, 51, 55, 60, 61, 65, 68, 69, 70, 82, 142, 160, 161, 240, 268
  • From the Jerusalem central bus station: Line 400 goes directly to Ramat Gan. However, if you are going to the western parts of Ramat Gan, it is more efficient to take line 480 to the Arlozorov train station, which is just outside Ramat Gan.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Ramat Gan

Trains go from most cities to the | type=listing* Tel Aviv Central (Arlozorov) station GPS 32.08418, 34.79812 , which is walking distance to the Ramat Gan business district (Boursa). To get elsewhere in Ramat Gan, take a local bus from the train station.

How to get around in Ramat Gan

The city center is small enough to walk around. For longer distances, take a bus. Ramat Gan is integrated into the greater Tel Aviv bus network, so there are few routes that serve Ramat Gan specifically. Line 65 goes almost everywhere in Ramat Gan - the stadium, Bursa, city center, and several neighborhoods, finally ending at the Sheba hospital in the southeast.

What to see in Ramat Gan

  • Spiral House 32.0782, 34.821231

| lastedit= An architectural landmark by architect Zvi Hecker. The top floors have a rounded shape, and are held up by spiraling columns which include the stairs.

Best things to do in Ramat Gan

  • Ramat Gan Safari - 32.044262, 34.823720 - +972-3-6305305 | Opening Hours: Approx. 9AM Monday - sundown, except Fridays which are 9AM Monday - 2PM ₪69 (₪62 with discount) The main zoo for the Tel Aviv area, occupying 250 acres and including 1,600 animals of different species: 68 species of mammals, 130 species of fowl, and 25 species of reptiles. There is a regular zoo, and also a larger "safari" area where you can drive around in your car with the wildlife just outside. (If you don't have a car or prefer to leave it parked, the zoo operates vehicles through the safari area, at an extra cost of ₪7 per person.)
  • Maccabiah | 32.055948, 34.827896 - This is the Yahudi Olympics, where Yahudi communities from all over the world send their athletes to compete and mingle at the Maccabiah village at "Kfar Maccabiah" a full scale sports hotel and compound.
  • Avraham Krinitzi National Park | Southern Ramat Gan, Ehad Ha'am st. 32.051098, 34.822696 By bus, lines 33, 57 and 67Also simply known as 'The National Park', is the biggest park in Ramat Gan and a favourite place for BBQ'ing.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Ramat Gan

  • Ayalon Mall Sheshet Hayamim 28 / Aba Hillel 301 32.100287, 34.826774 Bus lines 21, 32, 33, 40, 42, 52, 57, 67, 128, 142, 238, 531 Phone +972-3-5703105 | Opening Hours: 9:30-22:00 weekdays, Firday 9:30-15:00, Saturday 19:00-23:00 The first ever shopping mall in Israel. Still contemporary with lots of shops and cafes.
  • Bialik Mall | Jabotinsky corner of Bialik 76 32.085787, 34.811505 Go by bus, lines 1, 40, 51, 66, 67, 70, 240 Phone +972-3-6721796 | Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 weekdays, 10:00-15:00 weekend
  • Bialik St. 32.08406, 34.81387 - Bialik street is the main shopping area in Ramat Gan, here you will find almost any store you can think of.

Halal Restaurants in Ramat Gan

Don't miss the best Iraqi-style Shawarma in Israel at Shemesh on Jabotiski Road. There are plenty of fast food joints along Jabotinski. On the edge of Ramat Gan (Next to Bialik Street), practically already in Givatayim, there is the most famous Sabich restaurant in the universe, "Oved".

Clubs and bars are scarce, just catch a taxi to Tel Aviv (₪30). Sky Bar 14 Abba Hillel St.

  • Hemingway - Hemingway pool restaurant, a great place to play some billiard. | Jabotinsky rd. 55 Phone +972-3-5757212 | Opening Hours: 24 hours ₪55

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Ramat Gan

  • Leonardo City Tower - Diamond Exchange District, 14 Zisman Street, Ramat-Gan 52136 32.084517, 34.799515 +972-03-7544445 Newly built in the greater metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, the Sheraton City Tower offers business travelers a unique experience. Wednesday are in the heart of the diamond exchange district in Ramat Gan with easy access to Tel Aviv’s highways, beach areas, and cultural attractions.

Stay safe as a Muslim in Ramat Gan

When in the Safari, don't get out of your car! The lions or hippos may attack you. That is about the only danger in Ramat Gan.

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