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Middelburg (Zeeland)

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Middelburg is in the capital of Zeeland. In colonial times, this was one of the most important cities in the country, and still today Middelburg is packed with monuments reminding of those golden times. A good part of the centre is still surrounded by the old, star shaped canal ring. Lined with boats and cycleways, this part of town is both attractive and typically Dutch. The centre is dominated by a large square, still regularly used as a market square and overlooked by the beautifully ornamented former town hall. Around there, you'll find a mostly pedestrianised shopping area.

Slightly further out from the centre is the shipping canal connecting Veerse Meer to Vlissingen. The train station is also located on the far side of this.

Islam in Middelburg

Middelburg, a picturesque city in the southwestern Netherlands, is well-known for its rich history and beautiful architecture. Despite its relatively small size, Middelburg has a vibrant and diverse cultural scene, with a growing Muslim community making its mark on the city's landscape. Today, we will explore two prominent mosques in Middelburg: Stichting Al Rahman Moskee and Yildirim Beyazit Moskee, both of which serve as vital centers for Islamic worship and cultural exchange.

Stichting Al Rahman Moskee

Located at Schepenenhof 1, 4336 BA Middelburg, Stichting Al Rahman Moskee is a peaceful and welcoming place for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The mosque can be reached by phone at +31 118 794 539 and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, making it an accessible destination for both locals and visitors.

Yildirim Beyazit Mosque

Situated at Het Zwin 11, 4335 XT Middelburg, the Yildirim Beyazit Mosque is a testament to the growing Muslim population in the region. Established to cater to the spiritual needs of the Muslim community, the mosque has become an integral part of Middelburg's religious landscape. With its doors open 24 hours a day, the mosque serves as a place of worship, a gathering spot, and an educational institution for Muslims in the city.

Travel as a Muslim to Middelburg

Topographical map of Middelburg

By rail, Middelburg is one of the stops on the so-called Zeeuwse lijn or Line F, running from Vlissingen via Middelburg to Goes, Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal.

As for roads, the N57 originates here, passing four of the Delta Works dams, ending near Brielle and Rozenburg. From there, it connects further to the A15. The A58 passes Middelburg on its way from Flushing to Goes and on to the A4. There's a clearly marked exit for Middelburg.

Rotterdam is the closest airport, served mostly by discount carriers. Brussels Zaventem is the nearest large international airport (1.15h drive), and Amsterdam Schiphol is about 2 hours from Middelburg.

How to get around in Middelburg

The centre of the city is well navigable on foot and very approachable by bike. Despite the pedestrian zones, much of the centre is accessible by car. Like in many Dutch cities, parking can be hard though and is typically paid (up to €2 per hour) , with very few options in the old centre. There are several parking garages just out of the centre, which are well indicated when approaching the city centre.

What to see in Middelburg

The massive former abbey is now home to the Zeeuws Museum

Hundreds of Middelburgs monuments were damaged or completely destroyed in WWII, but in the decades that followed, the city worked hard to rebuild its centre and restore the cultural heritage that remains. And with success, as over 1100 national monuments make Middelburg a top ten Dutch heritage site. There's a clearly historic feel to the old town, which is encircled by a pretty pattern of canals, once part of the 1595 Sea Beggars fortifications.

To see the best of town, stroll along the canals and through the old streets around the charming Market Square. There, you'll see the beautiful former City Hall, now in use by the university. Right in the city centre also stands the impressive Middelburg Abbey, built in the 12th century by Norbertine monks. The massive complex has a more or less round shape with a pretty square in the middle. It has 3 churches, 5 towers and a number of gates. The tallest abbey tower is called Lange Jan Long John, and is the most famous landmark in the Middelburg skyline. It's accessible for visitors and offers a great view over town.After the 2 year siege of Middelburg in 1572-1574, the abbey life was ended by force and the buildings were used for local and regional government. Today, the abbey complex is (among other things) home to the Zeeuws Museum.

  • Zeeuws Museum - Abdij (plein) - Located in the Abbey, in the centre of town Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11AM Monday - 5PM €8,50 for adults The extensive collection of both historic and contemporary artworks and artifacts gives a great inside in Zeeland's wealthy past, the many world wide expeditions undertaken from here, historic costumes, natural treasures and of course some of the best of regional modern art.
  • Town Hall € 4,25 Gorgeously decorated, the former city hall is a mixture of architectural styles. The 14th century facade on the market square is the most well-known part, and mostly Late-Gothic in design. The later, 17th century parts facing the Lange Noordstraat have a rather classical style. Considered to be one of the most beautiful single buildings in the Netherlands, the Town Hall is an important sight in the city. Locals call its tower "Malle Betje" (Crazy Beth) as its clock is always a bit behind the one on Lange Jan. In summer, 2 daily (except Friday) guided tours allow for an inside view. Tickets can be bought at the Tourist Office and tours start at 11.15AM and 3.15PM.

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Middelburg

  • Explore Middelburg and the Walcheren peninsula by bike: Middleburg Cycle Route
  • Hire a bike and cycle along the canals and out to the town of Veere which is approximately 5 km away.
  • You can climb the big church tower, called De Lange Jan - The Long John. From the top you have a magnificent view over the whole of Walcheren.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Middelburg

As the Muslim population grows, Middelburg has seen a rise in demand for Muslim-friendly shopping options. Today, visitors can find a range of halal products and services that cater to their needs and preferences.

One such store is Bahaar Muslim Market, located at Lange Delft 84, 4331 AS Middelburg, Netherlands. This market has become a go-to spot for Muslim shoppers looking for a wide variety of halal products, from fresh meat and poultry to dry goods, spices, and other essential grocery items. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bahaar Muslim Market ensure that every customer feels welcome and can easily find what they're looking for.

A short drive away from Middelburg, you'll find Supermarkt ZamZam, located at Axelsestraat 176, 4537 AS Terneuzen. This well-stocked supermarket offers an extensive selection of halal products, including meat, poultry, and dairy, as well as a variety of snacks, beverages, and household items. With its wide range of goods and services, Supermarkt ZamZam

Halal Restaurants in Middelburg

Located at Langevieleweg 52, 4335 GW Middelburg, Eethuis Nazar Turkish Restaurant is a family-owned eatery that serves authentic Turkish cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The owners are dedicated to offering a memorable dining experience, complete with genuine hospitality and delicious Halal dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients.

Contact Information: Phone: +31 118 620 490

Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Eethuis Nazar offers a diverse menu that features a wide range of Turkish dishes, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're in the mood for flavorful kebabs, succulent grilled meats, or comforting stews, this restaurant has it all. The menu also includes vegetarian options and mezze, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Middelburg

There's a good selection of hotels in the city, but, as in many Dutch cities, few of them really lie in the low budget range. There's no youth hostel in town, but if you're travelling on a budget you might consider the one in nearby Vlissingen, as that's only a few km away. Alternatively, bring a tent and go camping, as several camp grounds are available in the area.

  • Hotel Aan de Dam - Dam 31 - From €77 for a double - Pleasant 3 star hotel in a monumental building. The interiors are in style, classical and quaint, but the rooms are nice and spacious and have all your need.
  • B&B 't Poorthuys Koepoortstraat 10 From €90 for a double - This former doctors mansion is now a friendly and charming bed&breakfast, with services including free bike rental, free wifi and an excellent breakfast. In practice it's more like a hotel, with private bathrooms for each room and a 24 hour desk.
  • Hotel de Nieuwe Doelen Loskade 3 doubles from € 75 - This friendly hotel in the old centre has a lovely garden and some rooms have nice views. Although nothing special, rooms are comfortable and some have a small balcony. All in all, a pleasant and popular place, so book ahead.
  • Hotel Middelburg - Bosschaartsweg 2 From €71,50 for a double - Family-run but rather large hotel on the outsides of town, near the major access roads. Standard but good rooms with airco and a pleasant hotel bar. A good place to use as a base to explore not only Middelburg but also the region, especially if you have your own transport.
  • Mini-Camping Klein Leliendale Leliendaalseweg 2 - Phone +31 118-612405 From €19 for a large camping spot - Small, family-run camp site on a farm just out of town, a 10 minute bike ride from the city centre.

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Middelburg

  • Veere - a charming village with cobblestoned streets and a boat filled canal.
  • Vlissingen - the large boulevard here is a sweep spot for maritime aficionados, with large ships pass by super close.
  • Rotterdam - large, modern city famous for its harbour and contemporary architecture.

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