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Međugorje is a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Međugorje Halal Explorer

The Saint James Church Exterior altar of the Saint James Church. Međugorje, (the name is of Slavic origin, and signifies a region between mountains) with the villages of Bijakovići, Vionica, Miletina and Šurmanci, forms a Roman Catholic parish where today about 5,000 inhabitants live. The parish is run by priests of the Herzegovinian Franciscan Province of the Assumption of Mary. Following claims of visions of the Virgin Mary, Međugorje became a place of worldwide pilgrimage (in the first 20 years, more than 20 million), and one of the biggest prayer centres in the world, comparable to Lourdes and Fátima.

Travel as a Muslim to Međugorje

Buy a Flight ticket to and from Međugorje

The easiest way to get into Medugorje is to fly into Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina (IATA Code: OMO), which is only 20 km from Medjugorje. Alternatively, fly into Split, Croatia (IATA Code: SPU), or Dubrovnik, Croatia (IATA Code: DBV).

Travel on a Bus in Međugorje

Bus station - Bus station is located in walking distance from Medugorje city center. Both city buses and coaches stops here.

From Mostar

By public (city) bus

There is a possibility to reach Medugorje by city bus no. 48. In workdays there are 8 buses from Mostar and 7 to Mostar. In Saturdays there are 4 buses in both directions. There are no buses in Sundays. One-way ticket costs 3,5 BAM from driver . Most of this buses doesn't stop on any of Mostar bus station, so the most convenient place to catch this bus is the bus stop GPS 43.34228,17.7988 close to Krajla Tomislava and Krajla Petra Kresimira IV crossing or the bus stop GPS 43.34738,17.79988 close to Ekonomska Skola on Krajla Tomislava 1.

By inter-city bus

There are few buses daily from Mostar (east) bus station to Medugorje. Some buses also stops at Mostar (west) bus station. Price is ~2 EUR (4 BAM). Additionally there is connection at 11:10 from Mostar (east) bus station to Madugorje with relation change in Capljina. In most cases you don't have to switch a bus, because the same bus continues to Madugorje. Price for whole trip is 5 BAM from driver.

From Split

There are few buses daily from Split to Medugorje. Price is ~15 EUR.

From Dubrovnik

There is one bus daily from Dubrovnik to Medugorje. Price is ~17 EUR.

How to get around in Međugorje

Panoramic view of Međugorje from the Krizevac mountain. The cross of Krizevac mountain. Međugorje is not a large town, and it is possible to walk. Taxis are available for hire if necessary.

What to see in Međugorje

  • St. James' Church
  • Apparition Hill
  • White Cross Hill

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Međugorje

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Međugorje

Halal Restaurants in Međugorje

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Međugorje

It is rumored that there are as many accommodation beds located in the town of Međugorje as there are in the entire country of Bosnia and Hercegovina, therefore it should be almost impossible not to find accommodation!

Unfortunately during the Youth Festival it's almost impossible to find accommodation unless you do a reservation up front.

  • Hotel Annnamaria, 500 m from St Jacob's Church in the center of Međugorje is one of a few hotels in town and offers very good full board service for 25-30 euros.

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