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The Ferghana Valley is a region in the southwest of Kyrgyzstan.

Other Muslim friendly Cities in Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Osh – A fascinating, 3,000 years old, wildly diverse market town, home to Central Asia's biggest and busiest outdoor market.
  • Arslanbob – An Islamic village popular with local pilgrims and famous for its picturesque walnut tree forest.
  • Batken
  • Chon-Alai – A region Southwest of Osh containing the Lenina peak, the highest mountain in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Jalal-Abad – A good bet for visiting a Ferghana Valley town, as it is significantly safer and easier to get to than Osh or destinations further southwest.
  • Khaidarkan
  • Kyzyl-Kiya
  • Uzgen

Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan) Halal Explorer

The Ferghana Valley itself actually spreads over Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The whole valley is on the main route of the old Silk Road route between Kashgar and Samarkand. The Kyrgyz part is at the southeast extreme of the valley, nearest Kashgar.

How to visit and travel to Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

Osh Airport has international flights and a domestic connection with Bishkek.

How to get around in Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

To get to Chon-Alai take a marshrutka or shared taxi from Osh. You can contact Abdulla, a local, which is apparently starting a tour agency (his WhatsApp is +996 777021172). But hitch-hiking might be the more economical and faster option.

By bike

The road between Bishkek and Osh goes over two passes of about 3,600 m above sea level. At the Тео-Ашуу pass near Bishkek, there is a 2 km long tunnel. It may be a good idea to try to hitch a lift in a car through the tunnel. But there is also a trail over the mountain ridge. Which however is almost impossible with heavy bicycles, because the trail on the northern side of the mountain is blocked by some landslides—manageable on foot though.

What to see in Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)

Eat, drink and sleep

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