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Dearborn is a city in Wayne County in the state of Michigan.

Islam in Dearborn

Dearborn, Michigan, is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the United States, with a particularly significant Arab-American community. This vibrant and diverse city offers a unique insight into the positive influence of Islam on American society. The presence of a thriving Muslim community in Dearborn has not only enhanced the city's cultural richness but has also contributed to its economic growth and social cohesion.

Dearborn's Islamic community has played a vital role in fostering understanding and promoting tolerance among the city's diverse population. Various mosques and Islamic centers, such as the Islamic Center of America, serve as both spiritual and educational hubs for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. These centers host interfaith dialogues, seminars, and community events aimed at promoting cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation of the Islamic faith.


The city is also home to the Arab American National Museum, the only museum of its kind in the United States. This institution is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the Arab-American experience, showcasing the history, culture, and contributions of Arab-Americans, many of whom are Muslim. The museum serves as a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the Arab-American community and its role in shaping the American cultural landscape.

In addition to cultural contributions, the Muslim community in Dearborn has been instrumental in the city's economic growth. Many Muslim entrepreneurs have established successful businesses, contributing to the city's prosperity and creating job opportunities. Dearborn's thriving Middle Eastern food scene, in particular, has become a major attraction for food enthusiasts, with restaurants and bakeries offering a wide array of delectable cuisine.

Islam in Dearborn has also encouraged philanthropy and community service, with various organizations and individuals committed to giving back to the community. Initiatives such as soup kitchens, food drives, and charity events demonstrate the Muslim community's dedication to the welfare of their fellow citizens, regardless of their faith.

Dearborn Halal Explorer

Automotive History

Dearborn was the birthplace of Henry Ford, and later he pioneered the mass production of Automobiles here. The world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company remains here to this day.

Arab Heritage

Settlers from the Middle East date back to the 1800's, and many were employed by Henry Ford during the early days of the company in the 1910s. As a result of their long heritage in the area, Dearborn is the city with the most concentrated Arab population outside the Middle East.


Visitor Information

  • Dearborn Visitor & Welcome Center - On the first floor of Bryant Library Phone +1 313 584-6100 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM Monday - 5PM

How to travel to Dearborn

By car

Travel by train to Dearborn

  • John D. Dingell Transit Center - John D. Dingell Transit Center A stop for Amtrak Wolverine trains, as well as suburban SMART buses.

By bike

  • Rouge Gateway Trail 42.3092, -83.2407 - Goes north, eventually reaching Northville.

How to get around in Dearborn

Travel on a Bus in Dearborn

What to see in Dearborn


  • Automotive Hall of Fame 21400 Oakwood Blvd 42.3025, -83.237694 Phone +1 313 240-4000 Automotive Hall of Fame - Automotive Hall of Fame Dearborn
  • Arab American National Museum 13624 Michigan Ave GPS 42.3067, -83.2423 between Neckel and Schaefer Phone +1 313 582-2266 Opening Hours: W-Sa 10AM Monday - 6PM, Sunday noon-5PM $6 adults, $3 students/seniors/children, free for children 5 and under Arab American National Museum - Arab American National Museum - The first and only museum in the world devoted to Arab American history and culture.
  • Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane | 42.314194, -83.23225 - Offers public tours.
  • The Henry Ford 20900 Oakwood Blvd. 42.303583, -83.234078 Phone +1 313 982-6001 +1-800-835-5237 Opening Hours: Daily 9:30AM Monday - 5PM Adults $25 Greenfield Village, $20 Henry Ford Museum, $16 Factory Tour; Seniors $22.50 Greenfield Village, $18 Henry Ford Museum, $14.50 Factory Tour; Children 5-12 $18.75 Greenfield Village, $15 Henry Ford Museum, $12 Factory Tour; under 5 free to all attractions. All IMAX tickets $10 regardless of age. 10% discount for online ticket purchases to a single attraction, except for IMAX. Combo tickets to any two non-IMAX attractions are the price of the more expensive ticket plus half of the less expensive one, with no online purchase discount. Unlimited ride pass $10. Parking fee $. The Henry Ford - Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum. This is a "must see". A massive historical and entertainment complex, a leading attraction with a keen focus on innovations. Consists of four separate attractions—the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, a tour of the Ford Rouge Factory, and an IMAX theater. Highlights include: Lincoln's chair, Rosa Parks' bus, JFK's limos, Thomas Edison's last breath hermetically sealed in a test tube, original historic structures, nice shops, great food, and, not surprisingly, a spectacular history of the automobile collection that is a football field long. Visitors may have many entertaining experiences such as mini-shows, music, parades, train rides, and Model T rides. Visitors should plan at least one full day for the village, and another full day for the Museum.
  • Dearborn Historical Museum 915 S. Brady St. 42.306389, -83.243889 Phone +1 313 565-3000 - Commandant's Quarters (Dearborn, Michigan) - Commandants Quarters Dearborn

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Dearborn

  • Old Car Festival - Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford in Dearborn - Opening Hours: the weekend after Labor Day Antique and classic car collector's show.
  • Ford Community and Performing Arts Center 15801 Michigan Ave Phone +1 313 943-2350 - Dearborn Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.jpg Hosts a number of cultural amenities including the Dearborn Michael A. Guido Theater and the Padzieski Art Gallery. Also has a fitness center, indoor pool with water slides, spa, and indoor rock climbing wall.
  • Ford Drive-In Theater 10400 Ford Rd 42.33124, -83.16066 - One of the largest drive in movie theaters in the world.
  • MacKenzie Fine Arts Center Henry Ford Community College

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Dearborn


Here are some top recommendations for shopping in Dearborn that cater to the needs and preferences of Muslim visitors:

Arab & Chaldean Festival: Held annually in Dearborn, this festival showcases various Arab and Chaldean businesses, offering a wide array of products such as clothing, jewelry, and traditional crafts.

Greenfield Village Shopping Center: This shopping center has a variety of stores, including some that cater to Muslim customers. Look for stores selling Islamic clothing, scarves, and other modest attire.

Shatila Bakery and Café: Known for its delicious Middle Eastern pastries, Shatila Bakery is a must-visit for anyone looking for a sweet treat. They offer a wide range of traditional Arab sweets, including baklava, knafeh, and maamoul.

Al-Ramallah Market: This grocery store offers a variety of halal products, including meat, dairy, and other specialty items. Additionally, you can find various Middle Eastern spices, teas, and sweets.

Islamic Center of America: The Islamic Center of America often hosts events and bazaars where vendors sell various Muslim-friendly products such as clothing, books, and other Islamic items.

Al-Ameer Restaurant: This popular Dearborn eatery serves a wide variety of halal dishes, including shawarma, falafel, and other Middle Eastern favorites. It's a great place to dine while exploring the city's shopping scene.

Dearborn Fresh Supermarket: This supermarket is known for its wide range of halal products, fresh produce, and Middle Eastern specialty items. It's an excellent place to pick up groceries or try some new and exotic foods.

Halal Restaurants in Dearborn

Dearborn, Michigan is home to a large Arab-American population, which has led to a thriving culinary scene featuring many excellent Arab restaurants.

Al-Ameer Restaurant

Al-Ameer offers a mix of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a wide range of dishes, including vegetarian options. They have been recognized with multiple awards for their authentic and flavorful food.

Cedarland Restaurant

Cedarland is a family-owned establishment offering Lebanese cuisine in a warm, inviting atmosphere. The menu features a variety of dishes such as shawarma, kebabs, and falafel, as well as a large selection of vegetarian and vegan options.

Sheeba Restaurant

Sheeba Restaurant specializes in authentic Yemeni cuisine. Their menu boasts traditional dishes like mandi, haneeth, and saltah. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place to experience the rich flavors of Yemen.

Ollie's Lebanese Cuisine

Ollie's offers a mix of traditional and modern Lebanese dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients. The menu includes options like shawarma, kafta, and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

Hamido Restaurant

Hamido is known for its delicious and authentic Middle Eastern fare. They offer a diverse menu featuring chicken, lamb, and seafood dishes, as well as a variety of vegetarian options. The cozy and casual atmosphere makes it a great spot for family dining.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Dearborn

  • Hyatt Regency Dearborn 600 Town Center Drive 42.3122, -83.2178 Phone +1 313-593-1234 - 772 guest rooms. Lots of amenities including fitness center. Close to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum.
  • The Henry - 300 Town Center Drive 42.3205, -83.2175 Phone +1 313-441-2000 308 guest rooms. A Marriott hotel. Free high speed internet, DirecTV. Two restaurants. Two executive-level floors with a Concierge Lounge. Indoor pool and whirlpool, fitness room, private secluded sauna and lockers. Massages available by appointment. The Gallery Restaurant surrounds you with fine art from Park West Galleries and Cleveland's Glass Bubble Project, and offers a selection of classic American regional cuisine featuring such entrees as a house 21-day dry aged rib eye. Henry's Bar and Grill offers a petite plate menu featuring build your own personal pizza, signature Beef belly, and crab cake sliders.

Telecommunications in Dearborn

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Dearborn

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