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Dalaba is in Guinea.

An introduction to Dalaba

Dalaba is the town in Moyenne Guinea region. It is the highest (in altitude) town in Guinea. It is approximately 200 km by air from the capital Conakry and about 280 km by road.

Dalaba makes a nice stop on a long way from/to Guinea-Bissau or Senegal.

Get in

  • By taxi
  • From Conakryː 6-8 hours by taxi. 75'000 GFr.
  • From Labéː 2-3 hours by taxi. 40'000 GFr.

Get around

Mototaxi will take you everywhere for 10'000 GFr.

What to see in Dalaba

There are some nice viewpoints overlooking the city center and the hills nearby.

View of Dalaba's rocks.jpg

What to do in Dalaba

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Dalaba

Muslim Friendly Food & Restaurants in Dalaba


Muslim Friendly Hotels in Dalaba

  • Hotel de Fouta SIB is the good option for 250'000 GFriday for a double room with breakfast included. There is also a restaurant.



Where to go next after Dalaba

Take a taxi to Conakry, Mamou or Labé.

To overland to Guinea-Bissau get to Labé first.

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