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Cholpon Ata is a summer resort on the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul.

Cholpon-Ata Halal Explorer

In summer it is quite crowded, full of wealthy Kazakhs, Russians and a few locals. With the beginning of autumn the city slows down and a lot of the hotels and restaurants close over the winter.

How to travel to Cholpon-Ata


Travel on a Bus in Cholpon-Ata

Several marshrutkas a day from Bishkek (5-6 hr, 280 soms).

Best way to travel in Cholpon-Ata by a Taxi

A taxi from Bishkek takes 3-4 hr, for 1,500 som per car (Sep 2009).

Travel by train to Cholpon-Ata

Or take the very affordable scenic train into Balykchy and a marshrutka from there.

What is the best way to fly to Cholpon-Ata

In Tamchi, 15 km to the east is small airport serving for tourists in summer.

What to see in Cholpon-Ata

Enjoy the sights of the highest peaks of this part of Tian-Shan .

  • Open Air Museum of Petroglyphs 42.65788, 77.05609 80 som Various petroglyphs with hunting scenes and animals (like snow leopards).

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Cholpon-Ata

  • Beach Enjoy the beaches and crystal clear waters of Issyk Kul. Locals say that the radiation of the abandoned uranium mine on the south shore of the lake has health benefits.
  • World Nomad Games - Opening Hours: Sep World Nomad Games eHalal Reference: A8071032 A great display of traditional and nomad sports of mostly former Soviet republics like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, as well as Russia (particularly the Sakha, Buryatia, Altay, Kalmykia, Bashkortostan republics). But also other countries like Mongolia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, and even France, Germany, Hungary or the USA take part with a few athletes. The first three games were hosted by Kyrgyzstan in Cholpon-Ata in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The next games are hosted by Turkey, but the games might return in the near future. The games usually take place in the Hippodrom of Cholpon-Ata GPS 42.6481,77.1279 and in the mountains near Grigorievskoe gorge GPS 42.8165,77.5111, 30-40 km north west of the town.

Shopping in Cholpon-Ata

Money Matters & ATM's in Cholpon-Ata

There are several ATMs in Cholpon Ata but most only take Visa card. For MasterCard head to the bank located opposite UniCredit bank, by the eastern bus stop (going to Karakol).

Halal Restaurants in Cholpon-Ata

  • Sambucca Cafe - 42.651567, 77.098053 Phone +996 709691000 Opening Hours: 10:00-00:00 Mains 200-300 som Nice restaurant with live music in the summer (note there may be a 50 som charge for the music) located on the left side of the main road heading to Karakol, almost opposite Zodiac. Try the great "Jarovnya" - meat on a hot iron plate.
  • Asian place Mains 150-200 som At the end of Gorky, on the left side. The Chinese chef serves up great lakhman and shashlyk as well as other local specialties. Very popular.

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  • Green Pub 42.6516, 77.0986 - Opening Hours: 08:00-23:00 Green decored pub in the city centre with heavy wooden tables.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Cholpon-Ata

Many inexpensive guesthouses can be found near the bus station if you just walk around.

  • Pegasus Guesthouse Sovetskaya 81 42.6499, 77.0848 On the main road between the bus stations - Friendly but reserved host who specialises in horse tours. Rooms are comfortable with outside toilet and shower. Great meals. 500 som per night
  • Apple Hostel 42.6496, 77.0877 at the main street on the other side of the historic museum and the Narodnyy supermarket Phone +996 553280881, +996 551210303 Check-in: 13PM / Check-out: 12PM 550 som for dorm, 500 if you also stayed in the Apple hostel Bishkek Clean little Hostel with nice outside area, fast internet and kitchen. Stays open until late autumn.
  • Tri Korony - Три Короны | 42.6360, 77.0902 Phone +996 558085002, +996 555908643 Double 3,500 som A mid-range resort a little from the city centre. Friendly hotel with 60 rooms at low quality with products from China. Run down pool, but great beach and descent prices with full board.

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Cholpon-Ata

  • Grigorievskoe Trail – A beautiful trail into the mountains 30-40 km northwest of Cholpon-Ata.
  • Karakol – One of the gems of Issyk Kul with a wealth of outdoor and sports available, including the Altyn Arashan hot springs, Karakol Canyon, and the beautiful Ala Kul lake.

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