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Chico (California)

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Chico is in Butte County in California. It's best known for its state university.

How to travel to Chico

Travel by train to Chico

Chico station is served by Amtrak.

Amtrak serves Chico via its daily Coast Starlight service between Los Angeles and Seattle. However, the timings are not very convenient with northbound trains arriving at 2AM and southbound at 4AM. Chico station - GPS 39.723375,-121.846153 is located downtown at 450 Orange St.

By car

Take Route 99 until you reach like mile marker 383. Or the quickest way to get there is to get on Interstate 5 and take exit 618 (Route 32 east) to get to Chico faster on Route 32 when you reach to it. It's better than taking Route 99.

Travel on a Bus in Chico (California)

Greyhound bus service is available, as well as North Valley Shuttle service to and from Sacramento International Airport.

What is the best way to fly to Chico

The nearest international airport is in Sacramento. Chico also hosts a general aviation airport known as the Chico Municipal Airport.

How to get around In Chico

Ride a bike. One of the best bike friendly towns around, the locals and students prefer to bike around it.

Taxis are prolific and affordable, and must be called to your location to pick you up.

The bus transit system, the B-line, will take you most places around the town at an hourly rate.

What to see in Chico

Butte County Superior Court.

  • Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park | 525 Esplanade 39.7423, -121.8478 Phone +1 530 895-6144 Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday noon-5PM, Saturday Sunday 10AM Monday - 5PM 18 and over: $4, 5-17: $2, 4 and under: Free This 26-room mansion formerly owned by John and Annie Bidwell was the first in the state to have indoor plumbing. 50-minute tours of the mansion depart every hour.
  • Colman Memorial Community Museum - 13548 Centerville Rd 39.787609, -121.656739 Phone +1 530 893-9667 Opening Hours: Saturday Sunday 1PM Monday - 4PM
  • Honey Run Covered Bridge - 1670 Honey Run Rd 39.728462, -121.703517 Phone +1 530 891-1838 Opening Hours: September - Apr 10AM Monday - 4:30PM; May-Aug 10AM Monday - 7PM Honey Run Covered Bridge - Honey Run Covered Bridge The only covered bridge in the United States to have three distinct rooflines.
  • National Yo-Yo Museum - 320 Broadway St 39.728590, -121.840418 Phone +1 530-893-0545 - The largest collection of yo-yos in the U.S.
  • Chico Air Museum - 165 Ryan Ave 39.803508, -121.858227 Phone +1 530 345-6468 - Chico Air Museum A
  • Gateway Science Museum - 625 Esplanade 39.732796, -121.843938 Phone +1 530-898-4121

Top Muslim Travel Tips for Chico

Businesses in Downtown Chico.

  • Bidwell Park - 1968 East 8th St 39.735542, -121.817163 Chico Creek Nature Center Phone +1 530 891-4671 +1 530 891-0837 Opening Hours: 5:30AM Monday - one hour after sunset Bidwell Park - Upper Park in Bidwell Park America's seventh largest municipal park offers hiking, biking, swimming, and numerous other options for outdoor recreation. The lower section of the park begins near Highway 99 and extends north-east through the city and continues five miles into the foothills north of the city.

Islam in Chico

Islam has a growing presence in Chico, California, with the Chico Islamic Center serving as the primary hub for the local Muslim community. The Chico Islamic Center, also known as the Chico Mosque, is located at 1316 Nord Ave, Chico, CA 95926, United States.

The Chico Islamic Center serves as a religious and cultural center for the local Muslim community, providing a place for prayer, community gatherings, and educational programs. The mosque has a prayer hall, a library, and a social hall, which is used for community events and activities.

The mosque is open every day, with prayer services held five times a day. The mosque also holds Friday prayer services, which are attended by a large number of local Muslims.

In addition to religious services, the Chico Islamic Center also offers educational programs for both children and adults. These programs include classes on Islamic theology, Quranic studies, and Arabic language.

The Chico Islamic Center is an important part of the religious and cultural landscape of Chico, providing a place of worship and community for local Muslims. It serves as a reminder of the diversity and richness of the Chico community, and the importance of religious tolerance and understanding.

Halal Food & Restaurants in Chico

Chico, may not be as well-known for its Halal dining options as some larger cities, but there are still a few great options for Muslims seeking Halal food. Here are three of the top Halal restaurants in Chico:

Halal Boss Smokehouse: Halal Boss Smokehouse is a popular spot for meat lovers in Chico. This restaurant specializes in slow-smoked barbecue and is proud to serve Halal meats. Their menu includes beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and other delicious options. Customers can dine in, order kerbside pickup, or have their food delivered. The restaurant is located at 1600 Mangrove Ave Suite 175 and opens at 10:30 AM.

Ali Baba: For those looking for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, Ali Baba is a must-visit. They offer a range of Halal options, including lamb, chicken, and beef dishes. Their menu also includes falafel, hummus, and other vegetarian options. Ali Baba is located at 138 Broadway St and offers takeaway and delivery services. Customers can call +1 530-345-5000 to place an order.

Taj Fine Indian Cuisine: Taj Fine Indian Cuisine is another great option for Halal food in Chico. They specialize in Indian cuisine and offer a range of Halal meat options, including chicken, lamb, and goat. Their menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options. Taj Fine Indian Cuisine is located at 995 Nord Ave and offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services. Customers can call +1 530-592-3395 to place an order.

In conclusion, while Chico may not have as many Halal restaurants as larger cities, there are still some great options for those seeking Halal food. Whether you're in the mood for barbecue, Mediterranean cuisine, or Indian food, these restaurants offer delicious and authentic Halal options.

Halal Supermarkets in Chico

Certain Costco stores offer packaged halal meats, such as Australian halal lamb and halal goat, which are supplied by Australian Lamb Company Inc. The lamb comes prepackaged in Kirkland Signature vacuum-sealed packs that bear the Australian Halal Stamp, ensuring top quality and certification by the AQIS as long as it is sold in that packaging.

In addition, these stores carry one or more certified Halal products, including the Zabihah Halal Saffron Road brand, which offers a variety of gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified items, such as World Cuisine Entrees, Chicken Nuggets, Hors Doeuvres & Desserts, Artisan Broths, Crunchy Chickpea Snacks, and Simmer Sauces. These products are all certified Halal by IFANCA.

It should be noted, however, that while the prepackaged lamb is certified halal, some cuts of meat may be cut and repackaged in the Costco Warehouse, which would break the Australian Halal Stamp seal.

Costco 2100 Whitman Avenue, Chico, CA 95928, (530) 332-1740

Muslim Friendly Schools in Chico

California State University, Chico was founded in 1887.

In California State University Chico campus, there are efforts made to provide Muslim Friendly Education and to support Muslim students through the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

The MSA at California State University Chico is a student organization that provides a space for Muslim students to come together and support each other. The MSA works to promote awareness of Islam and Muslim culture on campus and to create a sense of community for Muslim students. The MSA also organizes events and activities that celebrate Muslim holidays and culture, and that provide opportunities for interfaith dialogue and education.

In terms of Muslim Friendly Education, California State University Chico campus provides various resources and support systems for Muslim students. The campus has a designated prayer room for Muslim students to use for daily prayers and for religious events. The campus dining services also provide halal options for Muslim students who follow dietary restrictions. Additionally, the campus has a multicultural center that provides resources and support for diverse student communities, including Muslim students.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Chico

  • Motel 6 - 665 Manzanita Ct 39.752565, -121.843986 Phone +1 530 345-5500 +1 530 894-2846
  • Best Western Heritage - 25 Heritage Ln 39.755589, -121.845617 Phone +1 530 894-8600 +1-800-446-4291 +1 530 894-8600
  • Courtyard Chico - 2481 Carmichael Drive 39.716310, -121.803814 Phone +1 530 894-6699 +1 530 894-6696
  • Oxford Suites Chico - 2035 Business Ln 39.724744, -121.805616 Phone +1 530-899-9090 +1-800-870-7848 A good choice for business travelers. Reasonably priced with plenty of business centers and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, and a free breakfast buffet.
  • Ramada Plaza Chico - 685 Manzanita Ct 39.751999, -121.843939 Phone +1 530 345-2491 2022-00-00
  • Residence Inn Chico - 2485 Carmichael Dr 39.715593, -121.803599 Phone +1 530 894-5500 +1 530 894-5511
  • University Inn - 630 Main St 39.72699, -121.83733 Phone +1 530 895-1323 +1 530 343-2719 - Offers free continental breakfast.
  • Diamond - 220 West 4th St 39.728232, -121.840318 Phone +1 530 893-3100 - The original Diamond Hotel opened for business in 1904 as the "only strictly first-class house in Chico, and the superior of any North of Sacramento." A major fire in 1916 closed the doors. From the 1920s to the 1990s, the building was occupied by Chico State University students as dormitory or a low-cost hotel and eventually abandoned empty. The new Hotel Diamond opened its door in May 2005.

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Chico

  • Gold Country - Where the formation of California really took place.
  • Mount Lassen - Excellent outdoor hiking and breathtaking scenery in the volcanic park about an hour and a half from Chico.
  • Oroville - Twenty minutes east of Chico is this town that has more history as a Gold Rush-era boom town.
  • Sacramento - About 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Chico and the capital of California.

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