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Balykchy (Балыкчы) is a city at Issyk Kul.

Introduction to Balykchy

Balykchy is the gateway to Issyk Kul. It sits on the western bank of the lake. It was formerly known as Ribachie (Рыбачие), Russian for fisherman and after independence was re-named with the Kyrgyz word. It was known as the center of the lake's fishing fleet, but has suffered a major decline since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It now only on the path to the tourist sites of the lake, but largely by-passed.

It is interesting to note the micro-climates of the Issyk Kul, especially around Balykchy as there is little green or snow at all times.

Balykchy railway station

How to travel to Balykchy

Travel by Bus to Balykchy

Most marshrutkas going into eastern Kyrgyzstan will stop at Balykchy. Some going towards Kochkor will also stop in or near Balykchy.

Travel by train to Balykchy

  • Train station - Рыбачье | 42.4449954,76.1611452 - Last updated: 2022-00-00

During summer, there is a daily slow train (4.5-5 hr for 280 km) from Bishkek that goes through a very beautiful mountain pass. The timetables do change (on 10th of September in 2018), so check, however (as of summer 2022) the train leaves Bishkek II station at 06:25 in the morning arriving at 11:20 and returns at 17:08. Prices from Balykchy are: Bystrovka/Kemin 37 som, Tokmok 57 som, Bishkek 69 som.

By road

The main road from Bishkek and the Chui Valley comes to Balykchy and splits into a Northern and Southern lake route in the city.

How to get around in Balykchy

What to see in Balykchy

Top Muslim Travel Tips in Balykchy

Shopping in Balykchy

Halal Restaurants & Food in Balykchy

There are numerous vendors on the main road selling smoked lake fish which is quite popular. Prices are inexpensive and expect to be hoarded when stopping. In addition, there are also several stands selling the local honey

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Balykchy

Explore more Halal Friendly Destinations from Balykchy

  • If you wish to go to the smaller salt lake roughly one hour from the city, you should be able to hire a taxi from the local bus station.
  • There is a meeting point for marshrutkas and shared taxis to Bishkek at the western entrance of the city.

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