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Almeria is a town in Andalucia.


The word Almeria is an Arabic word which means mirror of the sea. Like many Andalusian cities, Almeria kept its Arabic name after it had been recaptured by the Spanish. It is an averagely sized city by the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 200,000. In its region lies the Natural Resort (Parque Natural) area of Cabo de Gata.

Weather in Almeria

Almeria has a Hot Arid climate (BWh). Almeria's winters are very mild, around 18°C (65°F). Summers are long and hot and often reach and exceed 40°C (104°F) in the shade during July and August.

Travel to Almeria

John Lennon

Travel by plane to Almeria

Carriers serving Almeria include Ryanair from London Stansted, Iberia from Barcelona, Madrid and Melilla, Easyjet from London Gatwick & Jet2 from Leeds/Bradford.

Also efficient are flights to Madrid or Malaga, followed by bus trips to Almeria. While requiring more time, they are often cheaper than direct flights to Almeria.

Travel by train to Almeria

Almeria's train station is located on the Plaza de la Estación in the centre of the city and has services to destinations across Spain.

The bus and train station are combined. Buses arrive from Jaén, Málaga, Granada and a variety of other cities all day. More options are available if routing through Granada, which is quick and simple. The station is located southeast of the center and is a 15-25 minute walk from the center of town.

Travel by boat to Almeria

Ferries connect Almería to Melilla, Nador, Ghazaouet and Oran

How to get around in Almeria

Halal Sightseeing Tips

The Alcazaba

  • Casa de los Marqueses de Torrealta
  • Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación
  • John Lennon Monument
  • La Alcazaba
  • Las Claras Convent
  • Museo del Aceite de Oliva
  • Palace of the Marquees of Cabra
  • Palace of the Viscounts of the Castillo de Almansa

Top Must Do Travel Tips to Almeria

  • Visit the great beaches of Las Salinas and La Almadrava de Monteleva.
  • Natural Park of Cabo de Gata Nijar - Cabo-de-Gata-Spain | Almeria - Province - Just outside Almeria one will find an important natural reserve. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata Nijar. It is a volcano area with virgin beaches and isolated coves. The traveller should not miss to visit this park.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Almeria

  • Círculo Mercantil
  • Mercado Central - the central market.

Halal Restaurants in Almeria

View of the port from the Alcazaba

There are numerous tapas bars located around the town, offering a choice of meat, fish and seafood as well as some typical tortillas and potato dishes. Tapas bars are typically visited by the locals before the night fiesta.

  • Paseo Maritimo zone - The pedestrian street by the sea offers a great number of cafes de tapa, where breakfast, coffee, juices beers and tapas can be enjoyed with the view of the sea and the beautiful sunsets.
  • Calle Mayor - center - Calle Mayor is a tapas-bar located between the Rambla and the paseo de Almeria near the center. If has a variety of tapas, often different than the most common choices found in most of the tapas bars in the city, some of the choices being vegetarian. The price for a caña of beer (a smaller glass than the tubo's)and a tapa is only one euro in the evenings.
  • 46 - center (quatro calles) - For a different selection of tapas, 46 is an Italian tapas bar, with a variety of lasagna and pastas as an additional choice to the common tapas. Price of a tubo of beer and tapa is 2 euro.

Most of the bars are located in the area known by the locals as cuatro calles (the four streets) in the very centre of the city and just under the Cathedral plaza. Depending on the day, a litre of beer could cost down to 2 euros in some cafes.

Muslim Friendly Hotels in Almeria

Most hotels and resorts in Almeria do not offer Halal food, however you can order Halal groceries from eHalal Group if you are booking your stay with eHalal Hotels and we will deliver your halal food to the property you will be staying in Almeria.

  • NH Ciudad de Almeria Jardín de Medina - Phone +34 95 0182500


Stay safe as a Muslim in Almeria

Almeria is generally a peaceful town. Robberies or crime is highly unlikely although the locals might advise to keep away from the gypsy neighborhoods at night.

Where to go from Almeria

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