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Al Hudayda (often spelt Al Hodeidah) is a small city in Yemen.

It is the principal port of Yemen on the Red Sea coast. Tourism is not a big industry, so there are relatively few facilities for visitors.

Travel to Al Hudayda

The city is located 225 kilometers from Sana'a and 225 kilometers from Ta'izz, 294 kilometers from Jizan, 14 kilometers from Al-Kathib.

There are regular flights from Sana'a, which take about half an hour. The road from Sana'a is not in good condition.

How to get around in Al Hudayda

Halal Sightseeing Tips

  • Mosques

Top Must Do Travel Tips to Al Hudayda

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Al Hudayda

Halal Restaurants in Al Hudayda

Where to stay

There are very few good hotels in the town. The only real exception is the Hodeidah Land Resort. There are a number of small hotels in the city centre, but they are poor by any international standards.

  • Hodeidah Land Resort | Pleasant hotel just outside the main town. Has a number of villas arranged in a circle, some of which have their own private pools. Wireless internet is available.


Where to go from Al Hudayda

  • Zabid is the most important religious center in Hodeida province. It had the first Islamic University in Yemen. The Great Mosque of Al Asha'ir was founded in the 5th cent AH (11the cent AD).
  • Al Shifra spa with warm mineral waters is located 70 km east of Hodeida.

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