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Is Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo Halal Certified or Muslim Friendly?

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo Tokyo Japan

1-50 Shirokanedai 1 Chome Minato-Ku Tokyo 108 8640 – Japan

Offering first-class service, exceptional accommodation and s friendly atmosphere, the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo with its special hospitality and experienced staff welcomes all types of holidaymakers for a pleasant and tranquil stay.


Located in the Centre of Tokyo in Shirokanedai, a district renowned for its greenery, this elegant property is within walking distance to famous local landmarks such as Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, the Institute for Nature Study and the Platinum Street, which is great for shopping.


Featuring chic interior and attractive soft furnishings, the hotel offers 495 high quality accommodation with spacious and stylishly designed rooms to ensure you a peaceful sleep after the rigors of your journey.


Experience an authentic Japanese cuisine served on prestigious plates in an elegant and refined setting of the Yamatoya Sangen Restaurant. The cosy bar is a refuge, where classical jazz notes float around a room that is softly lit by candles and oil lamps with a pleasant atmosphere that truly captures a moment in time.

Additional Infos

Providing a creative and inspiring setting, the Sheraton Miyako Hotel with its 8,030 square feet of meeting space is the perfect place for conducting business meetings, social events and family gatherings. Recreational facilities include gymnasium, swimming pool and a sauna.

Number of Rooms (Halal & Muslim Friendly) (Halal & Muslim Friendly): 106
Location: Shirokanedai
Category: 5 Stars


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