The Habitat, a recreational forest park on Penang Hill, is a short drive from George Town. It provides an authentic, diverse and educational Malaysian rainforest experience and is ideal for the family to enjoy and learn about Malaysia’s rich natural assets.

eHalal Malaysia’s 3-day package includes exploring the island to discover traditional handicrafts, visiting fruit orchards and spice gardens and tasting its famous hawker food which is all halal.

Then it is up to The Habitat to spend a thrilling afternoon high above the forest floors traversing the Langur Way Canopy Walk and the climb down from the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk.

Day 1 of 3 Days | 2 Nights Family Fun around Penang’s The Habitat


ARRIVAL PENANG – PENANG                                                                                   [-/-/-]

In line with the program, customers are strongly advised to spend the night prior to the start of this package in Penang in case an early morning arrival is not possible. The outlined package can start from Penang’s International Airport.

Depending on your starting point on this first day, your driver guide will welcome you (again) to Penang. This package suits both customers arriving with an early morning flight or are well-rested and ready to check out from their pre-booked Penang hotel. No visit to Penang is complete without taking a spin around its fabulous landscape, seeing its handicraft traditions from up close and breathe in the o so recognisable hues and smells of this award-winning cuisine. We commence the morning with an introduction to the arts and crafts industry: dying fabrics using wax and trained hands have put Malaysia on the map as a leading country when it comes to thematically crafted material. The colours and patterns of this art form still carry a lot of weight in the local fashion and souvenir industry…and for good reasons!

Next, Penang’s jungle is calling. Intertwined with fruit orchards and spice fields, the green core of Penang Island has been for generations the fertile, agricultural heart and soul for the farming community. Meandering roads take you along fields of some of Malaysia’s finest and sampling some of these local goodies can be found right along the main road. Street stalls selling local produce to both locals and visitors has been a long, outstanding forte and makes Penang such a high-in-demand culinary destination. Where there is farm land, there are villages and Penang forms no exception: while continuing your journey through the lush landscape of paddy fields and tiny settlements, we make our last morning stops at the centuries-old Snake temple. A religious landmark of some importance, the temple has an intriguing story, and your guide explains the ins and outs of this Penang institution of spiritual importance.

No lunch included on this day, on own arrangement

The ‘Coffee Tree’ is one of the main centres on Penang where local produce form all around the island, and even from the mainland, are for sales and to try out. The residents of Penang have developed a unique and distinguished way to create some of the country’s finest products, ranging from clothes and accessories to ingredients and snacks, for sale. Before we bring you and your family to your overnight address, time to try on, taste and be tempted to test the limit of your credit card complete this first day.

In the late afternoon, we arrive at your booked accommodation.

No dinner included on this day, on own arrangement

Overnight at your booked accommodation on Penang.

Day 2 of 3 Days | 2 Nights Family Fun around Penang’s The Habitat


PENANG – PENANG                                                                                                        [B/-/-]

Breakfast is included for the whole family

Time for a leisurely morning after day filled with new impressions, and let these all sink in, is the best way to capture all what’s been explored. Your family-friendly accommodation on Penang does not only serve a great start of the morning with a great Halal breakfast: it also ensures that you will spend quality time with your children before going on a new quest, deep into the heart of the Pearl of the Orient – Penang.

No Halal lunch included on this day, on own arrangement.

The Habitat is a fabulous nature-based project, designed to bring flora and fauna closer to the people with the aim to educate. Said to be both innovative and informative, The Habitat focusses bringing forward and authentic Malaysian rainforest experience, guided by a local expert in the field of what’s actually happing high above in the canopy and below the leaves of its nature trail. Founded on the principle that knowledge is power, you and your travel companions will spend an afternoon walking 30 to 40 metres above the forest floors and seeing the rainforest from new perspective. The Langur Way Canopy Walk is a wonderful connection of wooden walkways and bridges, connecting tree tops with tree tops and assures more than 200 metres of amazement and exhilaration.

Following this heightened experience, climbing down to ground floor levels of conifer trees, 800 meters above sea level, offering panoramic views across all corners of Penang. The so called Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk ends with arriving at one of the giant swings where you and your family enjoy the scenery and magnificent views, complemented with coffee, tea, and an assortment of cakes and pastries. Unveiling the secrets of the rainforest and learning the importance of taking care of this will be a learning experience one will not easily forget.

As the day draws closer to an end, we thank the people at The Habitat for sharing their knowledge and head back to your hotel with your guide cum driver

No dinner included on this day, on own arrangement

Overnight at your booked accommodation on Penang

Day 3 of 3 Days | 2 Nights Family Fun around Penang’s The Habitat


PENANG – DEPARTURE                                                                                               [B/-/-]

Breakfast is included for the whole family

Matching a Halal breakfast with your scheduled departure time from your booked Penang accommodation to our next destination will be something worth considering on the final day of this family package. Following the resort’s check-out times and conditions, your air-conditioned vehicle will be waiting for you at the resort to bring you in comfort back to Penang’s International Airport or to your next destination on the Malaysian Peninsula.

1) Please note that throughout your stay, prayers can be arranged to the nearest mosque or you may pray at your room in the resort.

2) Our guide on your tour is Muslim and knows the best Halal restaurants.

3) No alcoholic beverages and only Halal snacks in your room during your stay.

4) This tour in Penang was approved by eHalal Group Germany