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  • Bangladesh Halal Travel Guide

Bangladesh Halal Travel Guide

Bangladesh is a very small country, with 8 administrative divisions:


Regions of Bangladesh
Dhaka Division
Home to the capital city, jute, and rice paddies.
Chittagong Division
A picturesque hinterland of large hills, forests, and beaches.
Rajshahi Division
Known for its silk, mangoes, and dozens of archaeological ruins.
Khulna Division
A relaxing, slow paced area; home of the Sundarbans.
Sylhet Division
Home to endless rolling tea estates and beautiful natural scenery.
Barisal Division
The land of rivers, paddies, and green.
Rangpur Division
Temples, culture, and a rural lifestyle.
Mymensingh Division
Recently split from the northern part of Dhaka division. Largest university In South Asia, culture, ethnic minor groups and a rural lifestyle.

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